Termtime Sessions

Weekday outdoor sessions for home-educated children aged 8+


Nestled in the seclusion of the Chiltern Hills, our location offers tranquillity and natural beauty.


Holiday CampsContact
My 6 year old son attended this camp for 2 days during Christmas holidays and absolutely LOVED it. I was extremely nervous leaving him on day one and actually sat in the car park for 2 hours waiting until I happened to see my son and the group walking to the woods to start a camp fire - my son looked in his element. That was very reassuring for me. The feedback from both my son and staff was very positive. My son can’t wait until he can go back in the holidays. Never found anything so suited to his interests and needs during the holidays before! Mike and the other staff were amazing, thank you SO much.
Carrie Lloyd
Carrie Lloyd
My daughter attended all four days of the camp. She was so happy to have learnt new skills and enjoyed her outdoors time especially. The staff were always friendly and helpful and were really accommodating when she was anxious. I'm grateful that my daughter could get active outdoors and have fun even in the cold & rain!
Melissa Mostyn
Melissa Mostyn
Before joining Out to Learn, for months following deregistration from school my son was very withdrawn with school trauma. He spent days gaming and refused to join any group activities or team sports. I couldn’t even get him out of the house. I was determined to get him into nature and so persuaded my son to do a trial session with OTL. He was immediately hooked! In the ensuing 18 months since, my son has had a flexischooling education, joined an U12 football squad set to compete in Barcelona next spring - and accumulated a wide knowledge of and respect for nature and wildlife, bushcraft, carpentry, cooking from scratch, and teamwork. How did OTL facilitate the return of my son’s confidence? By providing clear, patient, inclusive and well-informed leadership every week, allowing him to explore nature and wildlife in a variety of ways, build meaningful friendships, develop an awareness of neurodivergence, and add to his literacy and numeracy organically. Most of all science, which was always his favourite subject at school, has become even more invaluable to my son after learning about biology, genealogy, physics and chemistry in practice, ensuring an evolving interest in evolution and technology. I cannot imagine him ever stopping attendance of OTL. Mike and his team are wonderful facilitators and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Five stars all round.
Carmen Miron
Carmen Miron
Out to Learn are outstanding!! My children love the outdoor activities that Mike, Gwendoline and the team have put together over the years. They spark curiosity, desire to participate, a safe and comfortable environment while being active, connected with nature and having so much fun! My 10 year olds acquired skills not available to them elsewhere and that gave them a sense of pride and independence, which is huge, especially for senco. We need more educational settings like this and the adequate support for them to provide the inspirational attitude for life! Thank you Mike and stay awesome!
Nisha Malani
Nisha Malani
I highly recommend Mike Williams. My daughter (10) has been learning from him for 2 years and she absolutely loves his groups. I asked her to describe Mike's teaching and she said "I love it because it's fun and very interesting. Mike is very good at explaining things."
Robert Grant
Robert Grant
Runs a great group with the kids, mixing science and bushcraft, orienting and social skills
Peter Wallace
Peter Wallace
Mike Williams, is an exceptionally gifted leader in education. My son loved his lessons, mainly because they were thought in an interesting, and imaginative manner, because of that he remembers the lessons very well. I would highly recommend Mike, to anyone looking for a great facilitator of education, in a non traditional setting or manner. Highly recommended by our family.
Jamie uk
Jamie uk
This Bushcraft experience is highly recommended, I took my two along and they both really loved the activities (ring making, fire starting), so did I for that matter! It was educational and enjoyable day out, the host Mike himself is very welcoming and really has tailored this experience soo well, it is both kid and adult suitable. If you want to get out in nature, this is a great start!👍
Veronica Brodie
Veronica Brodie
My 11 and 8 year old daughters have attended Mikes sessions. He is kind, caring and considerate. He has helped my daughters confidence to grow and made my children feel very welcome and included. His style of teaching is inclusive to all and he is very enthusiastic and empathic. My children have learnt a so much with his help and he is a wonderful teacher. We highly recommend!!
Tori Lewis
Tori Lewis
Mike is an incredible teacher, warm, engaging, creative and extremely awake to the intuitive needs of children. My girls learnt so much through his practical and holistic teaching style. My children learnt so much, because he allowed them to have space and time to be, to play, and brought real life experiences that matched their cognitive understandings. I can’t recommend him enough as a teacher. My children are very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn with him.

“My 11 and 8 year old daughters have attended Mikes sessions. He is kind, caring and considerate. He has helped my daughters confidence to grow and made my children feel very welcome and included.
His style of teaching is inclusive to all and he is very enthusiastic and empathic. My children have learnt a so much with his help and he is a wonderful teacher. We highly recommend!” Veronica Brodie

Embracing learning outdoors!

Our flagship program, an established weekly OFSTED registered session, serves as the foundation of our offerings. Set in the great outdoors and equipped with facilities for warmth and comfort during colder months, children immerse themselves in an engaging bushcraft experience infused with applied science, geography, history, geology, English and social sciences.

Some of the fascinating projects we’ve delved into include dissecting a badger and reconstructing its skeleton, transforming a van into a functioning loudspeaker, crafting cheese, carving spoons, and even setting up a Christmas market. These sessions are child-led, encouraging abundant movement, occasional hikes, navigation, and exploration.

If your child possesses an adventurous spirit, a curiosity for learning, and a love for the great outdoors, we currently have available spaces at our OFSTED registered Tuesday program near Whipsnade Zoo in Hertfordshire. Don’t hesitate to reach out; we’d love to chat with you!


Next Trial Date:
Tues 7th May 2024
1030h – 1330h (drop-off)
Nr Ivinghoe Beacon, Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire / Buckinghamshire Border
£30 (per trial session)
Book a trial

When are the sessions held?

Tuesdays (termtime) 0930h – 1530h

This is a drop-off situation for home educated children who are confident to be away from their parents for the day.

We also cater for children who are educated other than in school (EOTAS) and for those who require an alternative provision as well as attending school.


Where is the site?

Our beautiful secluded site nestled in the Chiltern Hills close to Ivinghoe Beacon and Nr Whipsnade Zoo on the Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire / Buckinghamshire boarder is a secret treasure bursting with geological and anthropological history.


The private site is OFSTED registered and has no public access. The site is safe yet feels free and wild.

What age children can attend?

7 – 16 (split into two groups based on age or suitability)

Who leads the sessions?

These sessions are overseen by qualified teacher, osteopath and bushcrafter Mike Williams and led by the very experienced and capable support team.

Our staff are DBS checked, level 3 safeguarding trained, first aid trained, food hygiene / safety trained (we regularly cook on the fire) and fully insured. 

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

As an OFSTED registered setting we are able to accept childcare vouchers.

Alternatively you can reclaim a significant percentage of our fees through the childcare element of Tax Credits / Universal Credits.

Please ask for details.

What are the fees?

For home-educating families the fees are discounted at £60 per session with a half termly (6 week) commitment, which can be paid in instalments or in full before the start.

We offer a 30% sibling discount

Our corporate rates for County Council and School clients (EOTAS, EBSA) are £120 per session and include reporting.

We operate a thorough intake process to ensure that the setting and your child are a good match. This includes a completed suitability questionnaire / registration form along with a one-off  £100 registration fee.

How physical are the sessions?

Very. While there is plenty of opportunity to sit round the fire or find a quiet spot for peaceful relaxation along with much focused project work, many of the sessions involve lots of movement including hiking. The site is large enough for a mini-hike, but we also occasionally venture out onto the Ridgeway (the ancient walkway high up above the valley) which offers a number of beautiful day-long geology hikes. We will always gauge the energy and stamina of the children in attendance when planning the more physical activities.

How do I get started?

We offer regular ‘trial sessions’ (see above for dates) where children can experience our offering for themselves.

These are shorter days with no commitment allowing prospective participants to meet new people and see if they would like to attend more regularly.

If we have spaces available and it feels like a good match from both sides you will be offered a place with a start date. If we are fully booked we can put you on the waiting list.

You can get in touch by completing OUR CONTACT FORM.

SEND Specific Experiences

Removing perceived barriers to accessing nature


Our dedicated team excels in curating outdoor experiences tailored specifically for children and adults
with special educational needs and disabilities.


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Simplicity #Wales #nature #natureconnection ...

8 0

Even working outside throughout the year I can sometimes forget the deep connection we have with nature. Settling deep into cold water brings clarity to the mind and body. What a beautiful day! #simplicity #geothe #wildswim #nature ...

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There is so much new life emerging in the polytunnel, which was bare a month ago. All planted and nurtured by the children. #gardeninginschool #polytunnel #send #autismawareness #adhdawareness #intervention #outdoorlearning #forestschool #bushcraft ...

7 0

Our ancestors used marcasite (iron sulphide) to start fires. It isn`t easy to get a spark but when you hit it with a flint repeatedly you might be lucky. This one isn`t as sparkly as others I`ve found but still has the `wow` factor. #geology #marcasite #bushcraft #outdooreducation #forestschool ...

10 1

Our ancestors used marcasite (iron sulphide) to start fires. It isnt easy to get a spark but when you hit it woth a flint repeatedly you might be lucky. This one isn`t as sparkly as others I`ve found but still has the `wow` factor. #geology #marcasite #bushcraft ...

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It`s been a while since I connected with nature in this way. How greatfull I am for the cold water, it invigorates and clears my head. #wildswim #wildswimming #natureconnection more please! 🙏 ...

6 1

Harvesting #fatwood from a fallen pine limb. This is an absolutely goldmine, just need to break it apart to get to the middle! #forestschool #bushcraft @outdoorlearning #wellbeingatschool ...

12 2

Natural firelighters made from fatwood. They burn hot and long with black smoke from the pine resin. I carry a stick of this with me wherever I go! #bushcraft #mindfulness #send #outdoorlearning ...

7 0

Very excited to soon be hike-testing this @cribgogh Constrictor Jump! As an osteopath I`ve longed to find a bag which doesn`t hurt my back... think my search is over 🙂 #cribgogh #constrictorjump #backpack #hiking #adventure #kit #bushcraft ...

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Warming up the #classroom post-lunch. #outdoorclassroom #outdoorkids #putdoorlearning #wellbeingatschool ...

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Learning how a #siphon works by draining the school pond. #outdooreducation #childrenlovetheoutdoors #pupilwellbeing #appliedscience #immersivelearning ...

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Some schools keep the kids inside out of the rain... not this one! #sustainability #sustainabilityatschool #outdoorlearning #bushcraft ...

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Signs of new life in the polytunnel after half term! #nature #outdoorkids #selfsustainable #growfood #schools ...

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Can you name the elements? We find so many things in nature and it gets really interesting when we apply a scientific lens to understand how they were formed and which elements they`re made. #curiouskid #outdoorlearning #outdooreducation ##appliedscience #forestschool ...

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Songs and seeds... that`s what we can do in the rain and wind! #kidsinnature #outdooreducation #schools #wellbeinginschools ...

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Nature decorating and beautifying all stages of the life cycle. #skull #naturefinds #animalbones #outdoorlearning #forestschool #outdooreducation #lifecycle ...

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#microscopy #birdwatching #bushcraft and lots of fun! Perfect recipe for a day in the outdoors. #science #appliedscience #educatingoutdoors ...

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Attending Level 3 #safeguarding course today as the designated safeguarding lead. All of our team are #firstaidtrained and #safeguardingtrained ...

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