Bledlow Ridge School Outdoor Learning Project 2024/2025

We are thrilled to announce our Outdoor Learning plan, which involves all the children in the school!

In alignment with the children’s current studies on sustainability, we plan to enhance our outdoor spaces, transforming them into beautiful, functional areas where both people and nature can flourish.

The initial steps are twofold:

Drain the pond, which, due to a lack of sunlight, is no longer utilised by the resident wildlife. We will develop the wooded area to include a fire circle, shelter, and natural habitats for a variety of wildlife.

Transform the old poultry cage into a thriving fruit and salad garden.

These projects will be undertaken by the children under the supervision of our outdoor specialist, Mike, whom the children have already met.

This project is not only exciting but also enriching. We hope it will foster a deeper connection with nature for the children, while integrating with existing curricular topics.


In order for your child to participate in the upcoming activities, it is necessary for you to complete the form below. This action will prompt your email application to send a consent email to the school head.


Bledlow Ridge School - Out to Learn Intake Form

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